FC: Financial Consolidation
Accounting Solution

Why Choose BizForecast FC?


Total Support Services for Data Collection, Consolidation (Compilation and Elimination) Processing, and Reporting

Have these ever happened to you?
I've registered company master data in the consolidated accounting system but totally forgot to do that in the data collection system!"
"I've put the master data in the BI tool but completely forgot to do that in the consolidated accounting system!"
"We'd love to get a data collection module but had to pass because those license prices are outrageous..."

BizForecast will transform the three major operations into a single seamless series of operations.


Consolidated Accounting System for Managing Information on Group Companies

"For other information pieces in Excel or PDF that we've been collecting from group companies, is it possible to manage them in the consolidated accounting system as well?"

For your benefits, BizForecast includes modules for collection and management of business information in the standard software license. These functions let you view data collection progress at individual companies within your group, freely design spreadsheet packages, or manage various documents.
From documents to data, BizForecast can unitarily manage not only the data that are collected for meeting legal requirements, but also any other data as your group management information, including supportive vouchers for financial figures in different formats (e.g. PDF, WORD, EXCEL, JPG, GIF), comments on sales increases and decreases, personnel information at individual group companies, and location- or store-based management accounting data.
BizForecast can also be used as a simple document management tool across the companies within a group.


Consolidated Accounting System Not Just for People in Consolidated Accounting

Have these ever happened to you?
"I've completed the consolidation tasks, but I still have to go through the secondary process to create reports for company officers!"
"I have to extract data for documents, which I need to submit to auditors!"

Managers, external stakeholders, auditors, and task workers -- A wide variety of individuals are potential users of a consolidated accounting system.
BizForecast is ready to support any users. It provides optimal functions and outputs for different users, from documents for managers with visual appeals, to reports for auditors to trace back to the basis of data values.


Efficient Operations with Pre-Proof Method

Have these ever happened to you?
"I've found an input error in the counter-company data after I finished the automated journal processing!"
"A profit ratio was found missing after I completed the processing for unrealized profits of inventories!"

Your operations will be faster, not just because of the high processing speed of BizForecast, but also because of BizForecast's pre-proof method. You will be able to view the integrity of your data and drill down to correct any errors before any journal processing. It'll significantly reduce the amount of reprocessing, which is common in consolidation tasks.


User-Designed Report Function

"We've been using our reports for audit and other things, and we don't want the formats to change because of a new (consolidated) accounting system."

Design your own reports in Excel format on the BizForecast's highly intuitive user interface. The user-designed report function is available as a standard function.
Any report formats you have been using can be made available to you as your user-designed reports during our standard consultation process for system implementation.
After the system implementation, you can make changes in your report formats or create new ones your own, or our consultants will be happy to assist you.


Flexible Price System to Match Your Company Scales

"At our small company, I am really the only one handling our consolidated accounting tasks, and we have only a couple of subsidiaries. We don't have a budget for an expensive consolidated accounting package that's actually practical. We've just got to continue handling the tasks with Excel macros that we've created our own."

We hear these voices often especially from companies that are planning for or have recently undergone their IPOs. Rest assured. We've set different license prices that correspond to the number of group companies. We can offer you a package at a reasonable price even if you have one person in charge of consolidated accounting tasks and only a few companies within the group.
For more details or to get a price quote, simply fill out our inquiry form. We would love to hear from you.