Privacy Policy

The Privacy Mark

The Privacy Mark

The Privacy Mark certification is granted to businesses whose handling and management to protect personal information meet the requirements specified in Japanese Industrial Standards JIS Q 15001:2006, Personal Information Protection Management Systems.

Primal was granted the Privacy Mark certification by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC) in February 2009.

Privacy Policy

Primal, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Primal" or "We") are taking steps to protect personal information based on the following principles.

1. Personal Information Protection Principles

Primal handles personal information in the course of development and sales of computer systems and related consultation services.
In response to the increasing social needs for personal information protection and for the purpose of protecting the privacy of individuals, Primal places highest priority in ensuring the safe storage and proper handling of all personal information in accordance to the Privacy Mark certification standard, JIS Q 15001. We also make certain that all employees and related parties in the business activities abide by this Privacy Policy.
We also promise that all personal information of our employees (including of retirees and job applicants) and business partners is handled properly.

2. Proper Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information

Primal may collect personal information, according to the nature and scale of its business and only within the scope necessary for its business operations. Primal will state the purposes for collecting personal information and obtain consent prior to the collection.
Primal will use collected personal information only for the stated purposes. If the need arises to use personal information of an individual for other purposes, the individual will be notified and consent will be obtained from the individual prior to the use.
Under no circumstances Primal will disclose collected personal information of an individual to any third party without consent from the individual, except when required by law or when necessary to disclose it to subcontractors for the achievement of the stated purposes.
To prevent use or disclosure of personal information for any other purposes than consented, Primal has appointed a chief internal control officer for the protection of personal information (a personal information protection manager), who ensures the proper handling and disclosure of personal information.
We will continue strengthening our control activities through voluntary inspections and internal audits.

3. Security Measures for Protecting Personal Information

1) Preventive measures for protecting information from the risks of leakage, damage, loss, and others

Primal implements strict security measures to prevent personal information from being leaked, damaged, or lost.
We also provide education and supervision to our employees to ensure thorough implementation of these measures.
In an event Primal outsources the handling of personal information, the selection of a contractor will be strict and supervision over the contractor will be exercised.

2) Corrective measures on the occurrence of leakage, damage, or loss of personal information

Should an incident of leakage, damage, loss, or any other unauthorized or unlawful form of processing of personal data occur, Primal will place the highest priority to minimize the impact of the incident, take corrective measures immediately, investigate its cause, and prevent any recurrence.
Primal will report the incident information to any and all relevant persons or organizations to the extent necessary.

4. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Guidelines Established by the National Government

Primal will comply with all laws and related regulations regarding the protection of personal information, guidelines of the competent authorities, and regulations of organizations or other entities to which Primal belongs.

5. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System

Primal will ensure all our officers and employees understand and follow our personal information protection management system.
We will also implement, maintain, regularly review, and continuously improve it.

6. Questions or Complaints Concerning Personal Information

For complaints or inquiries about our handling of personal information or questions about our personal information protection policy, please contact our Personal Information Protection Office below.

Enacted on May 1, 2008
Makoto Kondo
Representative Director and President