FC: Financial Consolidation
Accounting Solution

Conglue → BizForecast FC

BizForecast Series has evolved from its preceding consolidated accounting system, Conglue, which was released in 2009. BizForecast Series is a tool full of our know-how that we've accumulated since Primal's founding. Developed as a solution to improve the efficiency of group business management and solve various issues, it provides a superb platform that can collect, compile, process, and report any information units, including companies, departments, locations of stores and offices, goods, and people.

BizForecastFC is a module with specialized functions for the part of consolidated accounting and reporting in the information collection, compilation and processing, and reporting processes of BizForecast Series.

Preceding Conglue has achieved exceptionally flexible and expandable master structure and system design as a result of our pursuit for high functionality to meet various needs in financial consolidation.

On top of that, BizForecastFC has added the "Use Excel" concept of BizForecast Series as a foundation. It has incorporated advantages of Microsoft Excel, such as the convenient input interface and flexible, easy-to-use analysis functions, and at the same time overcome disadvantages of MS Excel, such as the limited information-sharing capabilities and the lack of security.

Moreover, as a system responsible for your financial consolidation, it fully takes into account the financial accounting standards, as required by law. It is always up-to-date with the standards and can meet multiple standards of Japan, the U.S., and IFRS. In addition to operations for legal purposes, BizForecastFC can help you with various management accounting tasks as well, such as budgets and monthly reports.

As your true global group management tool, BizForecastFC continues to evolve through our experiences in systematization and consulting of consolidated accounting operations for our customers.