Message from the President,
Makoto Kondo

Please allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support of our operations and business.

Since our foundation in June 2006, we at Primal have been working hard to bring business management tools and systems closer to people and making them more flexible and easy to use, like calculators and MS Excel. Through the years of continuously developing and refining our software, offering our own brand of accounting systems for financial consolidation and budget control, and providing consulting and system integration services specialized in the fields, we have been supporting corporate groups to improve their management processes. The release of our budget compilation system BizForecast in 2014 boosted the number of users of our software dramatically. It also increased our opportunities to get involved in improving business operations and systemizing processes of our customers not just in financial consolidation but also in management accounting and other associated operations. These changes led us to reevaluate our product lineup. As we made the 12th anniversary of Primal in 2018, we made a decision to discontinue our Conglue brand and integrated it into the new BizForecast Series brand.

Business management operations are a challenging field to cover with existing ERP packages or financial accounting software. We are one of a few vendors in Japan that are specialized in the tools for the field. By supporting our customers in systemizing their operations with our BizForecast Series, it is our sincere hope to contribute in fostering the management efficiency and growth among business organizations in Japan and ultimately in promoting the economic development of Japan.

We look forward to your continued support in the future.

Representative Director & President, Certified Public Accountant
Makoto Kondo