Consulting Business Project Examples

Grand IT Design, RFI⁄RFP Documents, Realization Support

Industry manufacturing (food)
Project Overview It provided long-term support services on reevaluation and reform of the entire IT infrastructure, including 1) analysis and evaluation of what the existing IT infrastructure was overall, 2) formulation of what it should be, 3) creation of RFI⁄RFP documents, 4) selection of IT vendors, and 5) PMO support during the phases of the requirement definition and realization of the IT system construction.
Phases Involved Basic IT planning phase, product and vendor selection phase, requirement defining phase, and realization phase.

Grand IT Designs, RFP Documents

Industry information and telecommunication
Project Overview It included formulation with clients of what the IT infrastructure of the entire company should be, focusing especially on the core and accounting systems that were developed by Primal. It also provided support services on preparation of RFP documents in order for selecting products and vendors, in the areas that were determined to be in need of renewal in a short term based on the formulated entire policy and roadmap.
Phases Involved Requirement organizing, basic IT planning, and selection⁄planning phases.

Requirement Organization, Grand IT Designs

Industry manufacturing (iron and steel)
Project Overview It provided support on organizing performance-related operations and system requirements and formulating what the entire IT infrastructure should be, given the client's need to fundamentally reform the performance management methods.
Phases Involved Requirement organizing and basic IT planning phases.

Development of Financial Consolidation Operations, Operational Support

Industry transport
Project Overview It provided support on the development of financial consolidation operations and a new system to replace an old one. It also offered IT education, support and training for stable operation, and maintenance and support services.
Phases Involved Requirement defining, detail designing, implementation, and join testing phases.
Education, training, and maintenance⁄support phases.

Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Industry manufacturing (chemical)
Project Overview It included a fit⁄gap analysis on (consolidated) accounting operations and systems in the preparation for the adoption of IFRS. It also provided support on planning of system concepts.
Phases Involved Basic IT planning phase.

Reconstructing Financial Consolidation Operations Due to Organizational Changes

Industry manufacturing (machinery)
Project Overview It offered support on the organization of operational requirements, the definition of system function requirements, and the settings on the functions, for complex consolidated accounting processes, which resulted from organizational restructuring. It also included subsequent support on operations.
Phases Involved Requirement defining phase, training phase for stable operation, and maintenance and support phase.