Implementation and
Support Service

Because customers have their own ways of handling business operations, controlling budgets, and managing accounts for each project, facility, or store, it is critical how a system is implemented. For a system to be implemented successfully, good consulting members are indispensable.
Our consulting members have rich experiences in building various business management operations. We will support your BizForecast implementation and make sure that every one of your worries and problems is solved.

User Benefits

Merits on Functionality

Since BizForecast allows you to continue using MS Excel to set up files easily and flexibly, your operational files can be implemented onto the system in the most optimal formats. That means you can use the layouts of your existing Excel files to build them as data collection forms or reports in BizForecast.

Merits on Cost

BizForecast can complete a whole workflow of data collection, compilation, and reporting within the system, thereby keeping the implementation cost affordable.

Merits on Support

Because the operations of management accounting, such as budget management, vary greatly from customer to customer, it is critical how a system is implemented, and good consulting members are indispensable. Our BizForecast members include highly experienced consultants and technologists with deep knowledge in accounting. We as one will support you every step of the way.

Implementation Consultation

Our highly experienced members will develop the best management operations with BizForecast for you.

Our highly experienced members will develop the best management operations with BizForecast for you.

For various operations in business management and management accounting, including budget management, it is most practical to manage them unitarily on a database along with processed results, while keeping Excel's flexibility intact. The BizForecast's flexible structure makes this "systematically capable."
On top of that, our highly experienced consultants will assist you until you can practically operate BizForecast. How well a system is implemented in the operations of management and accounting, which are highly variable from company to company, is determined by the quality of consulting members at system implementation.
For the implementation of BizForecast, we will send you our members with deep experience in building business management operations. Our members are quality consultants who will make the best use of tools by studying your business operations fully and develop an optimal system in your perspectives. You'll be investing in our "people" not in our "things."