Cloud Operation Service

Primal offers Cloud Operation Service to provide various benefits to our BizForecast customers. We'll built and operate on AWS (Amazon Web Service), not only a Web server and a DB server, which are necessary as the operating environment of BizForecast, but also security software, double data backup services, and security and alive-monitoring services by the global IP filter and others. We'll also provide reliable services to pay US dollar-and credit card-based AWS service charges in yen. We deliver all these services in one package at reasonable prices starting as low as 30,000 yen per month. Optionally available are high availability services, such as automatic failover support using Multi-AZ deployments, and services for constructing a VPN-connection environment.

(* Primal is an APN Technology Partner on AWS.)

Cloud Operation Service Overview


Monthly Price: from 30,000 yen (+ tax)

* This is the price for the standard service (Web server (EC2) + DB server (RDS) + security software + data backup service, global IP filtering, etc.)

* Other options are available at additional costs, including a high availability option, such as automatic failover using Multi-AZ deployments, and a VPN-connection option.

The exact price varies depending on the number of users and specification requirements. For more details or to get a price quote, please contact us at the address below.


What are your security measures?

The following security measures are included in the standard service:

  1. Registration on AWS firewalls, of global IP addresses of the locations of our customers who access to our host service, to block any accesses other than those from the specified addresses.
  2. An HTTPS (SSL) encrypted connection between server and client
    * In the standard service, customers will use a SSL certificate provided by AWS but may purchase any SSL certificate as an option.
  3. Anti-virus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection is provided, as of September, 2017)

The following services are also available as options at additional costs:

  1. Configuration of a hardware VPN connection between customer location and AWS.
  2. Building of WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  3. Implementation of IPS⁄IDS software
  4. Client certificate (terminal) authentication
  5. Configuration of a software VPN connection

How do you troubleshoot problems?

Even though AWS is one of the largest public cloud services with a solid operating base, our Cloud Operation Service is prepared for the unexpected troubles at the AWS base level. The backup data of the application will be saved not only in the AWS environment but also outside of the AWS environment in our server.
With our standard service, the restoration operation for troubles with the operating system or application layer will be executed approximately within a business day after we receive your notification.
Optionally, you may choose to have your environment configured for automatic failover support using Multi-AZ deployments, which will significantly reduce restoration time to a matter of few minutes.

How do I access various log files? What information do they contain?

Change history logs on spreadsheet entries (for each cell), including access logs (function/screen transitions), system logs (e.g. executed SQL syntax), and error logs (e.g. a stack trace from an exception), can be accessed on BizForecast's function screens. Upon request, we will provide log files stored on the DB server or the web server layer such as IIS.

We are not using BizForecast. Can we still get this Cloud Operation Service?

This service is primarily offered to our customers who use our products; however, it is possible to offer it to companies that receive our SI or consulting services.
Please note that the service terms and conditions must be discussed and agreed upon in advance on an individual basis. For details, please fill out our inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.