Our Story

Primal【Pra'imal】 means original, first, fundamental, etc

Primalmeans original, first, fundamental, etc

An Indispensable Company for You and Society
That's what we want to be.
That's why we named our company PRIMAL.

Primal offers outstanding services in three core areas: software product, SI (System Integration), and consulting. Our mission is to help our customers and the society with our services and become an indispensable part of them.

In recent years, business operations, particularly those involving accounting, have become highly sophisticated and complex. As a result, technological projects such as system development and its implementation often pose difficulties on both contractees (system users) and contractors (system vendors). On one hand, system vendors are now necessary to carry high-level business knowledge and abilities to handle various operational issues to build systems that meet such sophistication and complexity. On the other hand, system users need to be up-to-date with technological advancements. This gap between business operations and technological advancements held between users and venders often causes project failures.

We at Primal strive to bridge the gap between the two for our customers. Upon request, we sometimes work as a SI⁄software vendor; at other times, we serve as consultants for a user company. Whichever side we are on, we align our goals with our ccustomers' perspectives and values, apply our long-earned experience and knowledge across IT and business, and make every effort for a project's success.

Business Overview

Characteristics and Strengths of Primal

Service System

Service System

Our team is made up of quality people: certified public accountants, who has IT skills and professional knowledge in accounting operations and core business operations, such as procurement, production, and marketing; experienced consultants with work history in accounting and thorough understanding of the needs of accountants; and IT technologists with both business knowledge and advanced IT skills. We work as one to support your operations and systems wholly.

Two-Sided Support on Both Business and System

Two-Sided Support on Both Business and System

In the field of accounting and beyond, we at Primal develop our own packaged software filled with our know-how and principle and offer consulting services on the implementation of the systems. We also focus on the development (add-ons) and proposals on linkage functions between our packaged software and existing systems of customer companies.
Our SI business goes beyond contracted development of software. With the understanding of the essence of your business, we offer consultation on strategies, requirements, designing, development, and operation in your perspectives and support you on both business and system aspects.
After careful consideration of all operations of your company as a whole, from core operations and non-consolidated accounting to consolidated accounting and disclosure, we offer a proposal that will meet your needs.