Series Overview

Why Choose BizForecast ?

BizForecast is the best group management solution that can systemize your unique business operations while maintaining your data in your optimal formats. Whether you are in Business Planning, Accounting, Sales, or Personnel department, you can keep your Microsoft Excel data and independently develop your own system with BizForecast.
Having both merits of high flexibility and user-friendliness, BizForecast will improve your business efficiency and solve problems.

Before BizForecast

Problems with Material Collection

  • Email-based distribution of files is laborious and time-consuming.
  • Email-based distribution of files has security issues.
  • We cannot keep track of real-time progress status.
  • We cannot keep track of the latest data after they are adjusted with data from individual departments.
  • Using past data to create secondary materials is laborious and time-consuming.

Problems with Data Management and Compilation

  • After making laborious efforts to collect data, the data are not stored adequately, and managing the data is complicated.
  • Data management has become specific to individuals, and there is no consistency in data collection methods. Searching for source data is laborious and problematic. Personnel changes are a risk.
  • Extra man-hours are being spent for writing Excel macros to aggregate data automatically.

Problems with Reporting

  • From pasting collected data to writing macros, creating documents is an overburden.
  • It's too expensive to develop our own designs and reports that match our needs.
  • We want to create various analytical documents, but we are too busy managing and compiling data to make time for creating such documents.

After BizForecast

Keep Track of Real-Time Progress

You can unitarily manage operational statuses of individual workers on the workflow management screen. Without waiting to receive data, you can even watch real-time data entry progress. Just on one click, you can distribute files, or give approval or denial to reported data. Data security will be ensured, since you will no longer exchange files with emails or take troublesome actions like sending passwords in separate emails.

Manage Database Unitarily

Obtaining data is not the end of complex operations; you still have to go through painstaking steps to store collected Excel files in specific folders, open each one of the saved files, and move the data to spreadsheets to compile the data. With the unitary database management of BizForecast, you will no longer have to go through any of these steps.
BizForecast will store data in a database as soon as it is entered and will reflect it in specified output locations.

Create Documents Effortlessly

Second-pass data entry is not only time consuming but can cause additional human errors and consequently create more work to correct the errors.
Although it is laborious and expensive to systematically prepare output that matches your needs, with BizForecast, you can easily design and create your own reports. It is done in the same way as in creating data collection packages. You will be pleased with a high level of consistency in the operations and a low level of requirements for maintenance.