Primal XBRL Parser

Primal XBRL Parser is a .NET-based XBRL analytic engine with the XBRL2.1 specification, developed by Primal.

Features of Primal XBRL Parser

XBRL2.1 Specification

It analyzes data on instances⁄taxonomies based on the latest specification, XBRL 2.1.

Memory-Saving and Speedy

It is implemented in Microsoft .NET Framework (3.5) and is designed for memory-saving, high speed operations.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Any technologists with basic XML skills (e.g. W3C DOM) will find the interface familiar and easy to use for programming.

Applications of Primal XBRL Parser

Integrate into Financial Analysis Tools

By integrating Primal XBRL Parser into a financial analysis tool that uses XBRL data, such as EDINET and TDnet, you will be able to extract or edit numerical or attribute information of individual account items, without noticing the complex internal structure of XBRL.

Integrate into Accounting-Related Business Systems

If you integrate Primal XBRL Parser into your accounting system, you will be able to utilize XBRL internally, for purposes such as defining account master data according to the XBRL specification. The efficiency of software development will be significantly increased.

Have Us Build a System That Utilizes XBRL Data

If you wish to seek external resources for improving the efficiency of software development or wish to build a system that utilizes XBRL technology⁄data but do not know how, just ask us. We'll help you with anything, from proposing a project to designing and implementing it.